Zero Gravity Capital’s new investment!

Venture capital fund Zero Gravity Capital expands its portfolio with a new investment, where the CulturePulse project became a new portfolio company. According to the partner of Zero Gravity Capital, Vít Hanuš, CluturePulse opens up lucrative commercial opportunities for its clients, thanks to their analytics and monetization of the contextual understanding of analyzed information and texts from various sources. Such are, for example, publicly available or internal data, and social media, the subtext of which can be analyzed using advanced algorithms, thanks to which the project falls into the segment of deep technologies.

CulturePulse is not only flexible, but also accurate, because our system starts from deep analysis and understanding of human psychology, not statistics like some basic AI companies, and therefore we can create a flexible system with text analysis in more than 50 languages, which does not require constant retraining and at the same time has the clinical level of accuracy. But it’s powerful enough to run on your cellphone, not a supercomputer, says co-founder and CEO Justin E. Lane.

The founding team as a whole impressed the investment fund not only from the point of view of the product but also from the point of view of their expertise. As the partners of Zero Gravity Capital said, they mainly invest in a high-quality team. This time, the mix of experiences from business, academic, technical, or innovative environments was interesting for them, as well as founders international presence and focus on international markets, which is a strong combination to achieve the company’s goals.

According to Justin E. Lane, the goal of CulturePuls is a world where social media is a tool for people, not a threat. The internet was once a place for fun, but the pursuit of likes, views, and other AI goals has made it a challenging space.

Therefore, CulturePulse brings access to advertising and analytics, thanks to which companies can be authentic to their brand and communicate with their customers in a more human way.

Among the first steps after receiving Zero Gravity Capital’s investment is expanding the team and expanding to new markets. The group of founders will thus begin to approach better use of social networks and reduce their negative impact while enabling also higher monetization.